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Apr 19 2021

Waterski Wakeboard Ontario had planned on hosting our Annual General Meeting on April 22 at 8pm via Zoom. Regretfully, our board of directors has elected to delay this meeting until Tuesday May 18th at 8pm. This is due to awaiting our fully audited year end financials from our accounting firm. As we get closer too this date, the information for attending will be provided to the membership. We thank you for your patience and understanding for this delay and look forward to seeing you at the AGM!

Andrew Bergman
President, Waterski Wakeboard Ontario

Mar 26, 2021

As the climate surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve and WSWO works to prepare what our yearly instructor courses will look like, we need your help! Please find below a link to a survey regarding this season's courses. Your participation will allow us to adequately prepare to serve our membership better.

Please click here to take the survey and provide your feedback to this important issue!

Mar 10, 2021

In March 2020 Team Canada traveled to beautiful Mulwala, New South Wales, Australia to compete at the 2020 IWWF World Water Show Ski Tournament. Team Canada only had 3 days on the water before the tournament was cancelled due Covid 19, however; the team had a great experience and used our time to practice and make the best of a situation beyond our control. Taking 17 Canadian show skiers to Australia is no easy task. This could have not been possible without the commitment and leadership of Todd Hounsome, Charlie Newlands, Jordan Long, Jeff Wait and Krista Mackenzie. The team owes a debt of gratitude to our sponsor club at the tournament, the Western Australian Water Ski Show Team who helped Team Canada with equipment and personnel. In Canada, our team trains and skis with Summer Water Sports and Fern Resort and we are very grateful to them for supplying the equipment and training sites for the Canadian team. Lastly, we would like to thank both Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario and Water Ski Wakeboard Canada for their continued support.

The summer of 2020 was not what we or anyone expected. Due to the nature of show skiing we are a very "hands on" sport, so performing shows and practicing our acts was cancelled due to Covid 19 protocols. This was the first summer in many years that most of our lakes were not the backdrop to some epic ski shows, and we can not wait to get back out there together! Our skiers certainly made the best of the season with lots of time on the water practicing individual acts and enjoying the time spent focusing on personal skills. It was never more prevalent then the summer of 2020 to remind us why we love to be on the water so much.

Show Ski Canada has now selected a preliminary roster list consisting of 48 names from which we will be selecting a final roster of 35 team members to compete at the 2022 World Water Ski Show Tournament. Development team skiers (more info below) are also eligible for a spot on the final roster. With only two summers to prepare, the next World Show Ski Tournament is in Winter Haven, Florida in October 2022. Beginning in summer 2021, the team will be hosting preliminary roster practices, where the selection committee will assess team member progression. Following this, the selection committee will name a final roster consisting of 29 skiers, 3 drivers, 1 announcer, 1 pick-up boat driver, 1 sound technician plus an additional select few alternate athletes that will have the option of travelling with the team to the 2022 Worlds Tournament.


New this year, Show Ski Canada has named a junior and senior development team. This is the first step in building a sustainable program to expand and develop show ski talent from coast to coast. The Show Ski Committee has hand-selected this group of promising athletes to sharpen their water ski skills and introduce them to the world of show skiing. We will host development team practices starting in the summer of 2021 where we will focus on both individual and show ski team disciplines. As the skiers' progress, they have the potential to secure a spot on the 2022 Canadian Waterski Show Ski Team.

Show Ski Canada Council
Sandy Becher
Lindsay Mackenzie
Charlie Newlands
Jordan Long
Todd Hounsome

Mar 10, 2021

Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario is a recipient of the Ontario Amateur Sport Fund, supported by the Ministry of Heritage, Tourism, Sport and Culture for 2020. The objective of this provincial grant is to provide financial support to designated provincial sport organizations, who strategically align their sport programming with the three pillars of success in sports development; Participation, Development and Excellence. This year, WSWO will be taking applications for funding within our membership community, who plan to offer programs that meet the criteria listed here.

Examples of programs that have received funding in the past are: Sisterhood Sessions (Ranch Wake Park), Ontario Provincial Water Ski & Wake Team athlete support to attend events (Worlds 2019), Provincial Water Ski & Wakeboard Team training camps, Women's Surf Retreat (Wake Institute), Pass the Handle Day, Provincial & National Championship events, Girls clinics at various wake parks & water ski venues and advanced coaching clinics at various wake park venues.

If you are a recognized school, coach, official or athlete of WSWO that holds a 2020 membership, you may be eligible to receive funding to support your sports programs. Programs must be held between April 1, 2020, and March 31, 2021, inclusive. Financial support allotments will be based on your program's ability to meet the needs of at least one (1) of the strategic pillars of success, alignment with WSWO's strategic goals, and the number of participants in your program. Applications will carefully be considered by the WSWO Board of Directors upon receipt. There will be no official deadline for applications, given that the programming falls within the 2020-2021 grant year, however, funding support is limited and priority will be considered to applications on a first-come-first-served basis, given they meet the above objectives.

  • All applications must be a member, school, club, coach or official in good standing with WSWO.
  • All participants in the supported program must purchase at minimum, a recreational membership.
  • All programs must show a certificate of insurance for a minimum of five million in general liability naming Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario as additionally insured for the program.

Application: Please respond with the following information to Office

  1. Name of the program, program objective & description.
  2. List of individuals and locations involved with the program (coaches, venues, organizers etc.).
  3. Outline of how your program meets at least one (1) of the 'Game On' strategic pillars (participation, development, excellence).
  4. What stage(s) are the participant(s) at in the LTAD model? Reference: Long Term Athlete Development.
  5. How will the program measure success?
  6. What is the start and completion date of the program?
  7. How many participants do you expect within your program?
  8. How have you adapted your program to meet the provincial and federal guidelines during the COVID-19 crises?
  9. Any other relevant information or social tags you may want to share.

Mar 10, 2021

The season that almost wasn't ended up to be a success. Despite numerous cancellations, several tournaments were organized resulting in a lot of fun and many personal bests.

The season kicked off with another Ibuprofen Open at McClintock's. Staged with social distancing and masks, this non-sanctioned opener put the pandemic out of mind for at least a day. With WSWC not issuing any sanctions until late in June, the scheduled tournaments for late June and early July were cancelled. With the granting of sanctions for late July and August we were able to salvage some of the summer. Fortunately, these events were staged before new and more stringent provincial lockdowns were mandated.

A late season decision to stage an RC/WRL slalom and trick tournament at the new site in Carp gave the Ottawa region claim to the title "Slalom Capital of Canada". With the expertise of the WSWO "A-Team" of Jeff McClintock, Ted Collins and Steph Collins, the Carp site was dialed in and confirmed as one of the best ski sites in Canada. The Carp Debut tournament, held despite some sketchy weather, could not have run more efficiently. With the help of Ken Rule in the water, and with members of the Ottawa Water Ski Club led by Ross Mirski preparing the on-shore facilities and helping with the many details in running the event, the results were unprecedented. Combined with the expert mentorship of Chief Judge Harold Townsend, the Carp Debut was an enormous success.

The 2020 season saw many members move into the ranks of rated officials, and several were promoted to level 3, now eligible to judge at RC/WRL events. The new level 3's certainly eased the burden on the existing officials. In order to continue developing officials we will need to reduce the number of RC/WRL tournaments in the future. Striking a satisfactory balance between Class 1 and RC /WRL tournaments will be a priority for 2021.

2020 was the first season that WSWC authorized the use of the Emanuel Lion scoring system, and despite some growing pains the system was enthusiastically accepted. With only a handful of rated RC calculators in Ontario, we will be stepping up efforts to train members on the Lion system. The role of the calculator is critical to running quality tournaments. Those interested in learning this essential role need to step up for 2021.

WSWO will continue to dominate the Traditional scene in Canada. Recognized as the WSWC Province of the Year again for 2019 (WSWC awards are issued a year behind the calendar!!) We will continue to lead the country with the strongest athlete development programs (run efficiently by Jason and Jaime McClintock), and more organized tournaments and clinics than any other province.

Moving forward, the 2021 season schedule as published will remain uncertain until the Covid pandemic "all clear" is announced by the province. Dates and locations have been scheduled and hopefully all will go off as planned. One new highlight for 2021 is the addition of a jump at T's Pond, Port Colborne, making this a full three-event Record Capable site. While WSWO membership fees will remain unchanged in 2021, those wanting their RC/WRL scores downloaded to the IWWF ranking list may find themselves faced with a new IWWF fee. WSWC is expected to announce the IWWF policy later this spring.

For 2021, Traditional will have a significant upgrade in Technical equipment (cameras, computers, wireless) purchased with the help of Ministry funding secured by our BoD Grants champion Wendy Durigon. With over ten sites now capable of hosting an RC/WRL tournament in Ontario, WSWO will remain the national leader. More support equipment is likely to be added prior to the start of the 2021 season.

The success of WSWO Traditional would not be possible without the dedicated contributions of Jeff McClintock and Ted Collins. Their work behind the scenes and on the water is beyond description, miles above and beyond the call. A mere thank you just doesn't seem adequate. Together with the continued support of the WSWO BoD it is assured that WSWO Traditional will remain the number one discipline in the country.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2021. Stay safe, be well!

Steph Collins,
Chair, Traditional

Mar 4 2021

WSWO and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport are thrilled to offer a Mental Performance workshop series by Canada's foremost authority on Sports Psychology, Dr. Peter Jensen. Peter has attended 9 Olympic games as a member of the Canadian Olympic team. He has helped countless numbers of athletes achieve high performance under intense pressure, including four consecutive medal winning Women's Olympic Hockey teams.

Peter has a deep understanding of towed watersport. Early in his career, Peter worked with the Canadian National team leading up to the 1985 Waterski World Championships in Toulouse France.

Peter is also author of several acclaimed books on mental performance, including:

  • The Inside Edge: High Performance Through Mental Fitness
  • Ignite the Third Factor
  • Thriving in a 24/7 World

Dr. Jensen is going to be doing a 3 part workshop series for the athletes and coaches of WSWO this month.

  • Thursday March 11 @ 7 pm, Part 1: Perspective
  • Thursday March 18 @ 7 pm, Part 2: Energy Management and Imagery
  • Thursday March 25 @ 7 pm, Part 3: Mental Preparation

If you are interested in improving your performance on the water this season, then don't miss out on these workshops. Space is limited, so please reply to the WSWO Office to reserve your spot.

Feb 11 2021

The Meeting Minutes and Employment (ie summer jobs!) pages have been updated with the AGM meeting minutes for the previous 3 years and a number of new water sports related positions at ski school and camps in Ontario respectively.

Jan 17 2021

Check the Events page over the next month or so to find out when 2021's clinic's are happening! These include Women on the Water, Adaptive, Officials training and much more!

June 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a time of unprecedented uncertainty and change in recent weeks and we hope you are managing well through these challenging times. You may be wondering what WSWO is doing on your behalf and we wanted to update and send the information we have to date.

Premier Doug Ford announced on May 14th, 2020 that marinas, seasonal businesses and outdoor recreational are able to open under the Tier 1 Framework WSWO is thrilled to see the lifting of the mandates for our clubs and schools and for our members.

Our clubs and schools are focused on providing a positive and safe sport experience, are required to comply with all according legislation and are working to implement measures to mitigate the risk of spread of COVID-19 and support social distancing. Please call or email your club or school to learn more about their projected opening dates and to get more information.

This is a collective effort on everyone’s part to continue to #flattenthecurve – for more information and resources on COVID-19, please see the WSWC Resource Hub WSWC. Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario (WSWO) and Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (WSWC) continued to work closely to provide information as it becomes available and support a safe return to sport.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the WSWO office. Be Safe and Have Fun!