This area contains links to various resources. Questions about any may be directed to the office.

WSWO Logos

The logos in this zip file are in a variety of formats, including rastor and vector versions. For those without Illustrator, the freely available Inkscape program is fully capable of opening the .ai file.

WSWO Slalom Scoring Form

This is a newly created slalom scoring form based loosely on the WSWC equivalent but with numerous improvements. Among these are better use of the space available on the page (more skiers may be entered on a single form), fewer passes (8 vs 11), the removal of extraneous information that, especially for C level tournament scoring, was typically left blank, and several other improvements. Two versions of the form are provided: a ready to print PDF file for immediate use, as well as the source spreadsheet document should you wish to make additional edits prior to use.l The spreadsheet may be opened with LibreOffice Calc.